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SE Asia Beaches Part 1

Alright I guess it’s about time I started blogging again. Anyway I’m going to start talking about several beaches that I went to in SE Asia. Starting with Bali; you will need a VISA to enter Bali which you can get upon arrival, it’s about $10-20USD. When you get into Bali International Airport keep an eye out for exchanging your money because there are plenty of them, just change enough to get into the city, you’ll get a better exchange rate at the city. Getting to the city, just take a Taxi it is about 50,000.00 Rupiah which is about $7CDN, The prices varies, but just keep in mind it's under $10CDN.. Just be careful and loo around for the best deal! Anyways now onto the exciting stuff; Kuta Beach and Legian area are extremely crowded, traffic is super busy.. very lively area, hotels, shopping, bar, clubs, restaurant, beaches, etc.....we stayed at TuneHotel it’s a budget chain hotel, its brand new just opened and would highly recommend it. Single bed room for $10USD a night!!!!!!!!!

Kuta and Legian Beach

Rice Patty Field and Indonesian Temple. It is part of a day tour!

Monkey Park, there are about 600 monkeys, stay alert!

There are lots of travel agents, for tours around Bali. You won’t miss it. It’s cheap and there are lots of things to see around Bali. The main beach is Kuta and Legian, is not bad.. I expected more but was still good, big waves; lots of surfing and body surfing. Try at least one, quite fun and tiring.  Must try food Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) and Ayam Pang (BBQ Chicken)… Yummy!!!!!

Pictures From Google... It was sooo good I forgot to take a picture =)

If you haven’t visited Bali, you must see it. I give Bali a 7/10


The Cheaps way to fly and stay in Bali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next stop, Koh Samui, Thailand; It was a super long journey to get here. We took the smart root. U Think J We flew 1HR from Bangkok too a small town called Surat Thani, then we took the bus too a ferry pier 1.5HR and then hoped on to the ferry 1.5HR and finally arrived Samui. Was is cheap, I should say CHEAPER…. Than flying direct into Samui as only Bangkok Airways flies into Samui. It’s my 3rd time in Samui, one of my all time favourite beaches in Thailand, it’s a bit more expensive than other beaches, but it’s a busy beach; but not super pack like Phuket or Pattaya.

Chaweng Beach

 The main area is Chaweng Beach, Lots of shopping, bars, restaurant, MASSAGE, 7 Elevens, etc.. The best way to go sightseeing is rent a motorbike and ride around. It’s about $10 for 24HRS. Really fun, but be careful!  Nightlife, check out Green Mango Club pretty bumpin; after-hours either Sound Bar or Solo Bar it is open alternate nights. There is a little hut restaurant behind Green Mango Club, they have one of the best Pad Thai, look out for that! For a nice hang out lounge feel, Q-BAR it’s located up in the mountain, you get a great view of Samui Island.

View from the Mountian and Hotel!

Pad Thai behind Green Mango Club! YUMmy

We also planned our trip to finally attend the Full Moon Party, which I’ve wanted to go for a long time! It happens once a month; full moon party, but in December there are usually 2 full moon party. There are over 10,000 people from all around the world partying hard in one island. To get there it’s a 45min boat ride from Samui to Koh Phangan. It cost about 600 Baht which is $20CDN Return ticket. But look around because people will try to scam you. I talked to a guy from the USA, they paid 1200 Baht which is $40CDN….Try to avoid the rush to the party at night time. The best thing to do is go during the day and try to book a hotel way way ahead of time before you get to Koh Phangan. Otherwise you will be sleeping on the sand if you don’t book the hotel. Which most ppl did anyways! Worth the exprience. Check it out!

Beach Filled with clubs and bars.

Still partying hard, waiting for sunrise!

Buckets for about $10CDN..... U do the MATH :)

Sorry PPL :(

Sorry, I know I'v been LAZY and super BUSY moving from one place to another!

SE Asia And Australia Blog will be posted soon 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year =)

Barcelona, Espana

HOLA! Its nice to get away from the COLD to a nice summer like weather. I was surfing the the net for cheap flight to travel out from Wien, and I found tickets to Barcelona for 138Euros RETURN with Vueling Airline (Spanish Base). Great Deal! So I meet up with my cousin Vince from Toronto, He´s in France studying. We both arrived at different airports, I arrived at Barcelona airport. Its sooo big and beautiful, Ladies there are plenty of shopping inside the airport, its like a super big MALL. Anyway the best way to travel in/out from the aiport to the city is by AREOBUS for 5Euros single ticket. It takes you right into the heart of Rambla De Catalunya square. We stayed at Youth Hostel for 15Euros a night in Ramblas area, SUPER BUSY places..... Everything is around there... It was clean and safe hostel, a good expriences. You meet a lot of people from all over the world.

The best way to go sightseeing is, Hop ON/OFF bus for like 21 Euros; there are 3 different lines that cover all over the city. It takes about 3 or more hours and there are buses running every 5-10Min until 9PM. There are sooo many things to see, really KOOL!

Gobierno Militar Building & Waterfront

Sky View Of the Beach & City... We went on the cable car ride for 12Euro Return, really nice view through Barcelona City!

Gaudi Cathedral & Random Street

The Home of FC Barcelona Camp Nou, We were unlucky beacuse it was closed to public the day we went, Its about 15Euros to tour the Stadium & National Art Museum

Catwalk Club...... 2 Big Floor.. They really know how to PARTY!

Overall, Barcelona is a expensive city; however, it is beautiful there is sooo much history and heritage site and things to see, A MUST DO!

I really enjoyed my 1 month Travel & Expriences in Europe. I like everything about it; the places,people,food,rules, etc.... and most of all their laid back lifestyle =) People say Europe is Expensive, it is; but if you look around there are also lots of pretty pretty good DEALS! You would need at least 3 months to really have a good travel through Europe!

NEXT Destination!!!!!!!

Wien, Österreich

Wien, is where Mozart began; there are plenty of history about music, kings, war, etc. Wien has it all. Similar to Vancity, the size that is! Flughafen is Wien international airport, where you can take the fast CAT train for 10Euros one way. It takes you 16 minutes to go into the city center, fast and efficient. Their ÖBB transportation such as; buses, trams/trains and subway you can get a 48HR ticket for 10Euros. It is easy to get around in/out of the city.

Parlament Führung

Schönbrunn P

When you get into the city center get on the HIP/HOP (Hop IN/OFF) Bus for 20Euros there are 3 different line where it takes you all around the city core. It takes about a hour for each line, good way to see all the main places around the city. There are plenty of shopping around the downtown core; Otherwise, check out Designer Outlet Parndorf which is about a hour drive from the city.


There are plenty of places to travel around Austria, such as, Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck and Dornbirn, really nice places. Austria is a must TRAVEL. You will need at least 2 soild weeks, to travel around Austria.

Prater Park

I have to thank all my family/friends from Austria, who have provided me with their great hospitality, making me feel like HOME =)
Danke schön (THANK YOU).


Mmmmmm the smell of you know, its legal! The stacks of orange cheese through the markets. And the world famous Red Light. Amsterdam YA! There are plenty of history about Amsterdam past and present, as well as heritage sites all through the city. DID U KNOW: The city of Amsterdam grew up around the river Amstel. The river was dammed to create more land for buildings, hence the name Amsterdam. Schiphol is the airport of Amsterdam; it is extremely convenient to get in/out from there. There is a train station located right by the airport. Cost you about 4 Euros for a single ticket, to Amsterdam Central Station. That’s where it is happening; look for a hotel or hostel to stay around there.

Amsterdam Central Station

The street are narrow, the city is jam pack and the traffic is crazy. There is more bicycle than automobiles; it is estimated in Amsterdam there are about 2 million bicycle. That’s almost the population on Coquitlam. MAYBE! The best way to get around the city is walking everything is about 30min away. You can rent a bicycle it’s about 10 Euros; however, you have to be careful there are some crazy riders here and the traffic is bad. Or you can just take the Tramline.

Tramline & Central Square

You can go on a hop on/off tour, by bus and by boat. It is 25 Euro for both, good for 24Hrs really worth it. You travel the city by bus and then you can take 3 different lines of canal tour. KOOL. Also there are lots of church’s, museums and other attraction, really it is up to your interest. There are plenty of good foods; they really like their cheeses and chips (Fries). Oh beer & smokes as well. Make sure you go to the right “COFFEE SHOP” for a cup of cappuccino. Otherwise you’ll be flying in your own little world like the rest of the people here. For party you can join a PUBCRAWL for about 15 Euros, you start off with all you can have SHOTS (VODKA) for like 30min and then one shot of vodka OR jagermeister at each different pubs thru the city and you get to meet a lot of people from different parts of the world. My pubcrawl started with about 25ppl by 11:30AM we only had about 10 left, that’s including the promoters. PARTY/DRINK hard….. CHECKED! WWW.PARTYKINGSAMSTERDAM.COM The club scene is located in “Leidse Plein”. And for the ladies, shopping areas are located around the “Dam Square”. Stop by and check out the flower market, there are some magical plants.

Hop On/Off Tour & Canal One Of Many

Nemo Center (Science Center) & Famous Windmills Again One Of Many

Flea Market & Flower Market

This Is What The Dutch Call It "PARK & RIDE"
3 Level Of Bicycle

Apart for the usually smell every minute around me, and the openly exposure along the red light. Was quite an experience I must say? There were many other things that made my stay in Amsterdam an enjoyable one. The Heineken Brewery, Madame Tussauds, Ice Bar, the flea market, having lunch/ dinner on what we North American call it a “patio” very relexing, you'll see that a lot in Europe. And most of all the people here are nice. You find the odds one, but that’s any city. 

The Brewery 15Euros including 2 drinks, Madame Tussauds 16Euros, wax figures.

Ice Bar 12Euros Plus one free drink... Really Kool -10 Degrees
You can not take picture inside, this is GOOGLED. The Glasses are made of ICE.

Keep in mind, to walk into the right COFFEE SHOP ;)

Amsterdam is a great place to lounge around, relex, sightseeing and PARTYING..... You guys should check it out


stay safe

Next stop Wien, Austria

The UK..........

London, England. The Royal Majestic and The Crown Jewel City; 24/7 extremely fast paste lifestyle, where everyone run’s and would not waste a minute in their day. And if they have to run you over, trust me they will. It almost reminded me of NYC, also the weather here, kind of like back home in Vancity, gloomy and raining. Ewww! But the weather was great for the days that I’ve been here. Thank you Mother Nature. Watch out for CCTV it is everywhere through London, crazy security; Eye from the sky.

The Tele Booth

There are plenty of exciting things to SEE and DO in central London. The best things to do before you travel around the city are buy a magazine called “Time Out” it’s about £5, everything you would need to know about London and the rest of The UK. Or I would just recommend you to pick up a free map from the airport or @ your hotel. There just about everywhere. Best way of getting to the city from the airport is by train, cost about £30 for a return ticket or other various ways such as bus or shuttle services; Dot2Dot. Make sure you know which Airport your arriving or departing from: Heathrow which their are 5 different terminals or Gatwick Airport, which most budget airlines flies in/out. Also finding a place to stay in central London, the best and most convenient place to stay is in Paddington area, everything you need is around you.

The transportation system is just unbelievable here, there are about 12 different tube lines, which spans to over 50 or so stations, that’s not including the National Rail service and the double Decker buses runs 24HRS. Tickets starts from £1.60 to £4 depend where you go, check for peak and off peak prices and different zones, because there are about 6 different zones. Best deal is to get a day travel pass about £7, you won’t get lost, guaranteed because everything is listed clearly and tube lines are colour coded. Just except a lot of walking. You could join tours which cost anywhere from £20-£80, look around for deals.
Tube Map!

Sight Seeing Places; Most Places Are 20min Walking Distance.

Trafalgar Square & National Portrait Gallery


House of Parliament/ Westminster Abbey & City Hall & The London Eye (£18 For A Ride)

Buckingham Palace & Guard Change

London Bridge (£7 Walk Across From One Tower to Another, Lots Of History) & Tower Of London

St.Paul Cathedral & Millennium Bridge  

Shopping Places: Lots Of Food, Shops, Clubs and Entertainment

Oxford Street & Piccadilly Circle



Borough Maket, If your a foodie a must place to visit & Camden Market, Lots of HIP and FUNKY stuff.


Standford Bridge, Home of the Chelsea FC. Tickets prices start's at £40.

I must say the ladies really love their high HEELS like really high, There were some really kool n funky ones. People say that it is expensive to travel in the UK. It's 50/50, just beacuse the British £££ is very strong; I think if you were a resident here it is pretty standard. Tourist stuff are expensive, but thats given. Overall I enjoyed my stay in London and would highly recommend it. There are plenty of deals out there, just research B4 you get here.

Next Stop Amsterdam, Netherlands

2 months ago I applied for a work experience at Raymond Blanc's Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons, which is just located of Oxford, England. And I got accepted; I was extremly happy and proud that I got an oppournity of a lifetime to work at one of the world’s best know chef, Raymond Blanc the restauanrt “Le Manoir”.  A Two-Michelin Starred restaurant, the best of its best; now I really understand what FINE I really mean “FINE” dinning means, its beyond PERFECT.

Duck Breast with Figs & Onion Puree
Simply "Perfect"

It was quite the wild ride to get to the Manoir, it’s about an hour away from London by train which cost about £20 to £50 depending on what time you leave. Hayden and Thame station is where I arrived early in the morning. When I read some web-site it said it was a 10 min walk…… Hahahah, it was about a 10KM DRIVE. Anyway, I took a taxi ride to a village which is located in the middle of no where. And there is was “Le Manoir”, I felt like I was dreaming as I was looking at a picture on my computer back at home 2 months ago and now I’m standing right in front of it.


Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons

The kitchen is amazing, it’s clean, well equipped, organized and it is pretty big. Just before you enter the kitchen it says “Push Yourself”; Wow, did I ever. 17 hours each day; And barley any breaks or have a chance to grab a bit; only if your well set for your station. The people who work there and FAST really FAST, they run and hustle to finished their work and once their done there helping other station or cleaning. If you make a mistake, you’ll get it. Doesn’t matter if you new, you will be yelled at.

The Amazing Kitchen and Junior Sou Chef Tati From Argentina 

It’s great to see Chef Blanc and Head Chef Gary Jones at the restaurant everyday working, it show’s a lot of character, leadership and commitment to their work. Also the Senior, Junior Sou Chef work extremely hard and they clean as well. You won’t see that often. One of the many things that were extremely inspiring to me is when I took a walk at the garden where they grow their own vegetables. And we actually use it in the restaurant, some of the ingredients I never even see or heard of it before. I mean I can go on and on about my experiences, but I must say I feel extremely lucky to have the chance to work with some of the finest chef @ the Manoir and it was an honour and pleasure to work with people who really care and love about food and everything about culinary arts so much the a REAL “passion”.

The Garden

I had a quick meet & chat with Chef Blanc, really nice guy. He told me that “when you work in the kitchen it’s about CULTURE”. The people are extremely important, you make the team or you break it. This is a tough business it is up to you, on what you want and would like to accomplish.

Idol of a great Chef, he truly is "GREAT"

What else can I say everything is just beautiful, every little thing about it.  Just sexy & perfect =)
My Personal advice "if you have a DREAM, focus on it. And just go after it, take the risk".
Success doesn’t come to you, you have to go after it, you might fail the 1st, 2nd or more times, but you never ever give up on your hopes and dreams. Keep your eye on the prize and you will succeed.

Poached & Pan Fried Chicken Breast with Wild Mushroom


10 Months ago I started planning this crazy idea of backpacking thru 3 continents in 90 days. CRAZY, yea you can say so! With the help of my brother planning the trip and my best friends whom I will be travelling with. We can now officially say “we confirmed all our flights” and now it is time to face the challenges that lies ahead of us. I wouldn’t call this a “trip” as it is going to be a JOURNEY of a lifetime and an unforgettable ADVENTURE that forever will be remembered. I feel extremely gifted as my brother “HOOK ME UP” big time with flights & hotels; Thank you soooo much.

QUICK NOTE: My personals advise; if you have the opportunity to travel, DO IT: go and “see the world” experience the thrills. Its fresh, inspiring, motivating and most of all you will appreciate life & everything that surrounds you a lot more. As I have travelled through different Countries, Cultures, the Rich & Poor. Two thing I’ve notice is “Values” and “Love” for their families/friends and just living life; appreciating what they have already.

Live Life To The Fullest
The World Is In Your Hands
Seize The Day!

1st Stop London, England!

Culinary School @ VCC

It’s hard to believe that a year just flew by, I still remember the 1st day of school waking up @ 5AM. It was dark, cold and raining. I have learn and seen so much techniques, methods and styles of cooking. I’m happy that I join the program because that’s what I wanted to learn pior to enrolling in the program. It’s a great school, well known and affordable.  


Alright short and sweet, As much as I’m proud of myself for finishing this program, I didn’t just do it on my own. I have one of the most amazing classmates, we are like family. We all help each other out, giving each other advice and the most important thing is we work together as one. Thank you guys & girls for making my culinary education an memorable one, I wish you all the best in the years to come, miss you guys already and we shall all meet up for “A BEER” soon 2010.  


You know when you get up in the morning after a great long weekend; you wish it could have lasted longer. Well, I hope that everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving Weekend. Where should I even start, alright Thanksgiving Day… my friends and I put together a pot-luck dinner, together as a team we spent at least 6 hours in my kitchen creating a great selection of international cuisine and kept it traditional with a turkey, of course. I'm very proud of my friends, they kept the kitchen extremly clean and made really yummy food =) We had hummus, spinach dip, smoke salmon dip, prawn bisque, vermicelli noodle salad, 5 spice marinated turkey & gravy, stuffing & mash potato, baked spicy Italian sausage rotini, Japanese roasted vegetables, Thai basil chicken and for dessert we all had a tuxedo cake. Mmmmm now that’s what you call a “king’s meal”. The food was great and the best part is spending time with my buddies, which some I haven’t seen for a while and some who I’ve been around too much j/k….lol. I’m grateful and extremely thankful to have such great and supportive friends. Thank You! Sorry forgot to take a picture of our 5 spice turkey!

Prawn Bisque w/Herb Salad & Prosciutto Grill Cheese